TEAM Primary Hair Stylist and Hair Educator

Welcome to our TEAM Spotlight series, friends! Here’s the scoop: Each month, we’ll be featuring one of our amazing Primary Stylists and showcasing their beautiful and remarkably skilled hair or makeup artistry, respectively. We’ll begin with Kita, one of TEAM’s Primary Hair Stylists, as well as our Hair Educator. With her creative drive and keen eye (and quick wit!), Kita has been invaluable in her work styling brides and runway models, alike. Here she talks about her dream wedding destination and what she would tell her 13 year old self…


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What do you like best about the age you are now?
I have perspective and a little wisdom; I am comfortable with myself.  It hasn’t always been fair or easy but I am a survivor and I am proud of that. At this point it’s much easier to see it this way than it would have been 10 years ago.
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What advice do you wish you could give your 13 year old self?
Okay… this is a hard one because I would like to give my 13 year old self a lot of advice and maybe even a smack on the back of the head…. In all seriousness though I think I would tell myself: “Buy a lot of stock in Apple, Amazon and Google.”
What is the most exciting thing about your work industry?
I love my industry for so many reasons – we meet so many awesome and dynamic people! One thing  I especially enjoy is working in new places and crossing paths with people I may not have otherwise.  Not to mention that being part of someone’s wedding day and helping to create a lasting memory for  them is an enormous honor – I bear this in mind and it keeps me humble and thankful.        
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Your favorite on-site wedding location is…
OKAY — loaded question! Everywhere we go is beautiful but personally I am partial to places with natural and historic character and beauty.
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When you’re not working, you love to do…the most.
Be with my family.
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Go-to song/TV show/movie…
Go to song: These days is, “Got Me Wrong” by Alice in Chains…. or anything 90s really. Though sometimes I am really into “Careless Whisper” by George Michael
Go to TV show: Arrested Development or Forensic Files
Go to movie: Death Becomes Her or Point Break
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If you could work on any wedding anywhere in the world, what would it be?
Ireland or Scotland
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Thanks so much, Kita! We love your wonderful work ethic and your always spot-on sense of humor!
xoxo TEAM
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