The TEAM Bridal Experience

We think of Wedding Beauty as a collaboration between bride and stylists.
From the moment of first contact until the last touches of your hair, and make up on your wedding day, we take the time and care into giving you an unforgettable experience.

The TEAM Bridal Experience

We think of Wedding Beauty as a collaboration between bride and stylists.
From the moment of first contact until the last touches of your hair, and make up on your wedding day, we take the time and care into giving you an unforgettable experience.

The TEAM Trial Experience

Prior to your beauty trial in our private studio, located in Santa Barbara, CA, we request photos of your beauty inspiration and a photo of your gown/wedding dress.
Our Director will then review the inspiration, may ask some questions and then will assign the perfect stylists for your trial and wedding day. When a trial is scheduled we then email a trial checklist with information with how to prepare, what to bring, location and arrival information.
We reserve three hours for your trial sessions giving ample time to collaborate with your artists, adjust and finalize your wedding day hair and make up.


Upon arrival for your trial, you are greeted by our office staff, and introduced to your stylists.
Our trials begin with a consultation with your stylists reviewing the inspiration and information we have regarding the look you are requesting. Many questions are asked!
All bridal make up sessions begin with a mini facial treatment and skincare application.
Our hair services start out with applying an anti-frizz anti-humidifying product line. Depending on the style, the hair is set in a medium or full set.
Once the look is finished the stylist then will invite you to check your hair and make up in three different types of lighting, bright, natural and dim.
If you would like to see a second hair or make up look and time allows, we are happy to do so.
After the trial commences, we will take photos the looks we’ve done and give you a list of skin and hair treatments and product recommendations we love.
Within 1-2 days of your beauty trial a collage of photos will be emailed with feedback requested.
Once all feedback has been received and finalized the timeline is then confirmed.
Hair and makeup trials are available for bridal party, family and friends.

The TEAM Wedding Day Experience

Our team arrives 10-15 minutes prior to the start time to set up and make sure we have adequate space and lighting for the big day. We come with our own styling chairs, lighting, trial photos and of course all the supplies needed. A Wedding Day checklist and beauty schedule is emailed 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding day.
And we guarantee the same stylists on the wedding day as the trial!

Our TEAM will then begin services with the bridal party. We ask all those having services done to provide inspiration photos of the hair and makeup requested.


All bridal party makeup sessions begin with cleaning of the skin and using serums and moisturizer to be used as a barrier between the skin and makeup. We provide the option of individual or strip lashes to each application. Once the makeup is done, setting sprays are used to provide a water resistant effect.


All bridal party hair begins with clean dry hair, unless otherwise requested. We use anti-humidifying products and finishing sprays to ensure the style lasts throughout the wedding day. If the hairstyle requires more hair we will provide our line of clip in hair extensions. Visit for examples of our colors, styles and lengths.


We suggest the Brides hair and makeup services begins towards the middle of the timeline. Your personal TEAM will have the photos from the trial along with any notes and feedback to ensure your beauty vision comes to life. All bridal services begin with an overall review of the look and the appropriate skin and hair care treatments. Hair is typically done first, followed by makeup.
Once the wedding day hair and makeup is done, the bride will be invited to take a look in a larger mirror and/or go outdoors to view the hair and makeup in the most natural light. A quick photo will then be taken to show the bride how the hair and makeup translates on camera. Any adjustments needed will be made and finalized with time to spare.
After all beauty is complete our TEAM will go around to each person for “last looks”, touching up everyone who received our services.


Having a TEAM Stylist on deck during the most important photos is essential to looking picture perfect. From adding light hair and makeup touches to placing and removing the veil, assisting with dress, we provide a sense of security and calm to our Brides throughout the day.
Touchups are done hourly with a two hour consecutive minimum with 1-2 stylists as needed.


Many of our brides opt for a second look right before the grand entrance to the reception or after the first dance. Hair and makeup changes take 15 to 20 minutes. Second looks are done by the Brides personal stylists and are based on availability.

Touch Ups

TEAM is incredible!!

Everyone is so professional and down to earth. I asked for two different hairstyles on my wedding day, one for the ceremony and one for the reception and they were more than happy to accommodate my request. I’m so glad I have them with me throughout my photos for touchups and changes. On my rehearsal dinner night Mar, the owner, came out to see me and make sure everything looked perfect for the wedding day. She was very knowledgeable and kind. I felt like I known her for years.

– Brittany / May 2022

Best TEAM ever!

Thank you for being patient and helping me narrow down the hairstyle I could only dream of. You made my mother feel the best she’s ever felt. The hair extensions you gave her made all the difference at my wedding.

– Jennifer / September 2022

Do it, just book with TEAM

What else can I say? Mar and TEAM Hair & Makeup Inc. is as good as it gets! One, Mar is the BEST- she is hilarious and REAL, she will tell you like it is… because she knows best!!! I am asian and have never been a fan of professionally done makeup on me… until Mar did her magic! She gave great insight on how hair and makeup application differs from person to person and I 100% trust her. Mar is a friend you never knew you needed, and wish I could afford her to come hang out and make me feel so pretty everyday. Hahaha. Yes. Two, the entire team is so professional and my ladies all looked SO beautiful on our wedding day. They managed to make natural no-makeup-makeup GLAM happen and will recommend them to everyone in need. 

– Jenni / April 2022

I’ve never felt so beautiful

Mar, I’ve never felt so beautiful. When my husband to be saw me walking down the aisle, he teared up. Thank you for keeping me calm and present.

– Kaitlin / June 2022

Without a doubt, the TEAM you’ll want on your big day

I vetted about three different vendors for a four-day wedding weekend and I immediately gravitated towards Mar. Her experience, warmth, and also her candor were major selling points for me, and I have absolutely zero regrets for hiring her not only for all four days, but for ancillary services like touch-ups and second looks as well. And I’m forever grateful for this woman because she kept me alive through what I didn’t realize is going to be the biggest whirlwind of my life. And I’m not exaggerating about keeping me alive – she balanced Sprite and cut fruits with touch-up make-up to keep my blood sugar and make-up balanced throughout the day. I’m going to guess no one’s bridesmaids (including my own) will or will remember to do this for you; it doesn’t make them inconsiderate people, most people just don’t have decades worth of experience helping a bride navigate the minutiae of their wedding day like Mar and her team does. But digress, her ancillary services are just another example of Mar and her team’s dedication to excellent work and attention to detail in all aspects of HMU.  They were always early AND finished early which is super important for wedding timelines. I felt TEAM was well worth the price and honestly fell pretty closely in-line with the other vendors I vetted. If I had to do it over again, I would choose TEAM every time!

– Erica / March 2021