Airbrush Foundation

One of the two types of makeup offered by T.E.A.M. Hair and Makeup, that sets them apart from the competition, is airbrush makeup. The difference that it makes can be explained if you think of the difference between a regular old TV screen, versus a high definition TV screen. Airbrush makeup is used in most celebrity photshoots, runway shows, movies, and more, because it delivers flawless results. Because the makeup is sprayed onto the skin with compressed air, it comes out in microscopic specks that spread evenly over the skin, creating an even skin tone, and the most natural effect available. It truly looks like your own skin. Or if your skin is not perfect, it looks like the perfected version of your own skin!

Airbrush makeup can be used to apply all of your makeup, but T.E.A.M. uses airbrush mostly for foundation, bronzer and blush. Airbrushing makes all the difference on your special day, for perfect photos that you will cherish for years to come.