Get ready for a new wedding docu-series that will be sure to get you instantly hooked!! Your’s Truly will be featured on TLC’s new reality series, Wedding Day Makeover premiere today at 2:30 PST (on HD) and 5:30 PST (regular)

Wedding Day Makeover documents as TEAM combines their expertise along with the brides own ideas for her hair and makeup. At the trial, we create two completely different wedding day looks for our bride. Then, come wedding day, the bride chooses which look she wants Mar and her TEAM to create for her to walk down the aisle. As Mar Romero, creative director of TEAM states, “The brides could ask us to pair blue eye shadow with pink lipstick and it’s our job to make them look good.”

With a slew of wedding reality shows on TV these days it’s hard to know which one to watch. For TEAM Hair and Makeup, they approach this highly publicized topic with a twist. Not only is this a series about the bride, her love story, and her wedding day look; but ultimately it’s about the bride finding her self-confidence. “For me,” Romero states, “Confidence is the purest form of beauty. If the bride feels confident about herself, her beauty will naturally reflect how she feels inside. This show has given us a national platform to showcase the importance of this confidence. It’s about infusing women with poise and self-assurance as they walk down the aisle while introducing them to a more glamorous version of themselves.”

TEAM Hair and Makeup has been filming nearly a dozen episodes of Wedding Day Makeover since TLC originally approached us over one year ago.  Below are a few sneak peek pics from behind the scences.

Don’t forget to watch US on the Season Premiere of Wedding Day Makeover on TLC today  at 2:30 (HD) or 5:30 (regular cable)