More Beautiful Pics from Jose Villa's Photo Shoot for Once Wed!

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While I was down in Mexico for the Mexico Workshop in November, Joy ThigpenMar of Team Hair and Makeup and I took advantage of the amazing Mexico light and textures for an editorial shoot in one of my favorite cities in Mexico; Tequila, yes this is also where Tequila originated.. Masks designed and made by my love Karina Puente

  1. weddingchicks – Jose, this so so romantic and beautiful. I love the way I feel with I look at your photos. Except the jealous of the gorgeous model. (; Joy is so amazing to work with and even just be around. We are birthday twins, you know .. so I am instantly more savvy and fashionable. This shoot is beautiful.
  2. Jake – Wicked awesome Jose!
  3. daniel – wow–these are gorgeous. beautiful job.
  4. hugh – you’re not even real, jose.
  5. JasonG Photographer – Always amazed at how consistently beautiful the light and composition are in your images.
  6. Aaron Shintaku – dude so epic.
  7. Jackie Lamas – Absolutely beautiful and simple! Love every single photo!
  8. ed peers – Oh my goodness… A whole ‘nother level.
  9. geri e. – Stunning! STUNNING! Made me want to run all the way to Mexico! Another CA workshop? Yes please.
  10. matthew morgan – so good. so freakin good!
  11. Douglas Anderson – Damn. These are so good. Love the light.
  12. geneoh – I dont even know what to say…
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  14. Andrea – I didn’t know that this place existed, but it’s gorgeous! She is beautiful, but I love the softness of how you capture the world. The colors & lighting are a stunning combination!
  15. Ryan Ray – Gorgeous model. Gorgeous photos!
  16. lane dittoe – damn you Fn killled it. so good and love those agave fields.
  17. Sarah Danaher – beautiful in every lovely way possible.
  18. Yeni – You are awesome, José! Just one more thing: that bunny mask is scary! I didn´t like it!
  19. Jeremy Harwell – Ay yi YI!!!!! Such gorgeouness I can’t stand it.!!!!
  20. Serena and Malea – Speechless… Jose these are seriously the most dreamy, beautiful images we’ve ever laid eyes on. Love. Love. Love!!!
  21. Haley Sheffield – {a} i am another one of those super enthralled fans. your work is pure excellence. this makes me want to go to mexico. and wear her clothes. {b} on that note, Joy Thigpen is a genius. and i want those lovely grey bow heels. {c} “The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.” | Benjamin Disraeli … and you, Jose, are so incredibly excellent at this. for your clients, your models, your designers, your locations. you bring the richness out of everything around you.
  22. joy thigpen – oh! I love your layout! it makes me happy to see more of these out. i loved this shoot! and thanks for the sweet words yall… and the gray shoes were a serendipitous contribution the model happened to bring that i liked better with that dress than the ones i brought! ha!
  23. Sherry – W….O…..W!!! Unreal. I love, love, LOVE these!!!
  24. Rebecca – These are simply stunning!
  25. Yinka – One word. Wow. When is your next workshop?!?
  26. Eric Barker – Love it!!!!
  27. Diana Lupu – OHMYGOD! I almost can’t take it, they’re so beautiful! Any way we can get links to those fabulous outfits too? Fabulous work Jose, as always!
  28. Jenelle Sewell – magical
  29. Anne Elisabeth – Such unbelievable good quality!
  30. joy thigpen – yes! all the clothes are by designer Alexandra Grecco. here’s the link to her etsy shop:
  31. imthiaz houseman – Its so romantic and beautiful. the clothes are stunning!
  32. Joshua Gull – Wow Jose, just wow. Amazing work.
  33. kate – Good God Man. These are really terrible! hehe. ok I’m such a kidder. the colors make me want to fly there on a magic carpet right NOW.
  34. Marcella Treybig – LOoove the wardrobe!
  35. Allan – Inspiration. Congrats for your amazing job
  36. Andreas Holm – What??? Insane! So DAMN beautiful!!