TEAM Spotlight / Primary Hair and Makeup Stylist Chelsea

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TEAM Hair and Makeup stylist Chelsea

In a sea of hair and makeup stylists, few have the talent in both hair and makeup that TEAM’s Primary Stylist Chelsea exudes.  A straight shooter, fun and easy going, she’s also our most frequent traveling artist. Read on to find out what her advice would be for her 13 year old self, the value of loving our adult selves, and what she craves in her down time…

TEAM title: Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist 
1. What do you like best about the age you are now? I like that I’ve stopped caring about other people’s opinions about me. In middle and high school my identity was heavily influenced by what other people thought- I feel much more at home in my own skin and confident as I get older. 
TEAM Hair and Makeup stylist Chelsea
2. What advice do you wish you could give your 13 year old self? Nothing that feels like a big deal right now is actually a big deal at all. 
3. What is the most exciting thing about your work industry? I love that beauty is extremely conceptual and variable. I love talking to people, and it’s very cliche for a stylist to say this , however, I love making people feel good about themselves. We’re currently a very sensitive community and constantly comparing ourselves to other people – especially with our cultural addiction to social media – I like making people feel in love with who they already are. 
TEAM Hair and Makeup stylist Chelsea
4. Your favorite on-site wedding location is… I love Napa Valley + Santa Barbara for the beautiful, lush landscapes 
5. When you’re not working, you love to do…the most. cook, read, write, travel, call my grandmother & hang out with my love + 2 cats
TEAM Hair and Makeup stylist Chelsea
6. Go-to song/TV show/movie… Song: Bring it on Home to Me – Sam Cooke | TV show: The Pizza Show on Viceland | Movie : Thelma and Louise 
7. If you could work on any wedding anywhere in the world, what would it be? Sicily + the South of France
Thank you so much, Chelsea…We love having you as part of our TEAM! Follow along on our  TEAM Instagram and on Chelsea’s Instagram for more inspiring peeks!