If there is one thing that most women have in common, it is our long running relationship with makeup. Whether you are a glam goddess or simply like to spruce up your au natural beauty with a little lipgloss, chances are you have an arsenal of go-to products for putting your best face forward. Since it is the season for holiday parties and soirees, we thought what better time to try a new look or perfect your routine with some AMAZING tips from the professionals.

We called upon our favorite makeup guru, Mar from TEAM Hair and Makeup for her top party looks just in time for a New Year’s Eve debut and the best part? These could easily be translated into gorgeous bridal looks…Smokey Sensation

Foundation Tip: Ladies, our mothers were right when it comes to foundation…. Less is More! Use a dab of your favorite foundation along with a Taklon brush (designed for foundation) and when applying use gentle strokes going down. Blend with a mineral powder and you’re set!

Lip Tip: For the perfect pout, apply concealer on your lips first so your lipstick will blend and stay on all night. When using a bright color such as a red or a berry apply your lipstick on the outer edge of your mouth first then fill in, do this and your lips will look full without looking overdone or old fashioned with a lip liner.

Eye Tip: Smokey and Sultry, oh my! Start with the eye lid, apply your darkest color and as you work your way up go lighter and lighter until you are at the brow bone. Apply a gel liner around the eye then take your darkest shadow and gently smudge around your eye using a fine tip brush, apply mascara and at least 4 individual lashes on the outer lash line and voila! You have smokey eyes!


Vintage Flare

Eye Tip: The best way to be sure your eyeliner is spot on, is to apply a gel liner with a medium angle brush. Before the gel dries take a black eyeshadow and glide over the liner to create a rich looking dramatic line.

Lip Tip: Whether your “Vintage Flare” lip color is red, coral or berry always use a shimmery champagne to highlight your lips, add a touch of silver shadow and POP you have a festive shimmer to your pout.

Brows: To frame your face, use just a touch of color one shade lighter than your hair color to bring out your natural brow shape. Then grab a toothbrush, add a little hairspray to it and brush your brows into shape and make sure that brush ends up in your makeup bag and not your medicine cabinet!


Victorian Beauty

Lashes Tip: Patience is a virtue and so are your lashes! Enhance your natural lash line with individually placed lashes. Alternate between short, medium and at the very outer corner apply at least two long lashes to give your eyes a natural flare! Always use waterproof glue too!

Cheeks: Your blush color can be a tool to use to enhance the color of your eyes! Who would of thought using a pink poppy blush color could make your eyes POP! Well it can! Apply your blush in a “C” shape starting at the apple of your cheek going to the temple and blend! Add in a touch of yellow mineral powder just under the eyes for an extra highlighter, creating a higher cheekbone.

Lip Tip: Apply a lip stain in your favorite Holiday Red and smudge it on with your finger, apply twice for a deep matte shade, which will last all evening.


Beach Meets Chic

Cheek Tip: Apply a creme blush in peach, orange or coral to create a dewy sunkissed look. Take a gold shimmer or gold mineral shadow and gently dust over the creme blush for a festive and playful look!

Lip Tip: Gloss, Gloss and more Gloss! Apply your peach, orange or coral creme blush to your lips! Apply in two coats and set with a champagne gloss then gloss it up again in clear!

Brows: Au Natural can play too! Keep your brows as natural as possible. Focus on taming them not changing them! Brush your brows upwards (toothbrush works wonders) and then only remove the brow hairs which appear longer. Brush again and done!


And there you have it … perfectly steal-worthy looks for a night out on the town or even a skip down the aisle.

Photography: Lacie Hansen Photography / Styling: TEAM Hair and Makeup / Models:Yilin Wang, Rosine Ebangue, Mallory MacDougal, Eva Saint Denis