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TEAM Spotlight / Primary Makeup Stylist Nicole I.

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We’re back with our TEAM Spotlight series…Hooray! This round we have the distinct pleasure of featuring TEAM Co-Director, Primary Makeup Artist, and THM Hair Extensions‘ Partner, Nicole I. Beloved by brides and bridal parties for her calming presence, she creates a comfortable and relaxing environment on location. Nicole’s intelligence and stellar professionalism comes through in her beautiful makeup artistry, offering unsurpassed looks time and again. Read on to find out what her favorite on-site wedding location is and what she would tell her 13 year old self…

What do you like best about the age you are now? I love my 30’s. Every year I grow more comfortable in my skin and more settled into all aspects of my crazy my life! I wouldn’t wish to be back in my 20’s. I definitely had a blast but I’m happy to look back at those wild memories and see how far I’ve come!

What advice do you wish you could give your 13 year old self? Just trust everything will fall into place exactly as it is supposed to! And wear SPF 50 every day because they will turn into sunspots before you know it!!

What is the most exciting thing about your work industry? There are so many exciting aspects of my job; from fashion weeks, to visiting beautiful destinations all over the world, but the most exciting part of my job is meeting so many cool, strong, funny, interesting, independent  women.

 Your favorite on-site wedding location is… San Ysidro Ranch
When you’re not working, what do you love to do the most? When I’m not working I am spending time with my family and having early evening dance parties with my husband, 4 year daughter and 5 month old son!
Go-to song/TV show/movie…Homeland, 60 minutes (because I’m a grandma at heart)
If you could work on any wedding anywhere in the world, where would it be? Bali- it is my most favorite place in the world so any excuse to go back time and time again I am down!
Thank you, Nicole! Want to see more of her work? Follow her new Instagram!
Photo credits| Headshot: Lacie Hansen | Floral bride: Elizabeth Messina | Engagement Couple: Jen Huang | Runway Model: Justin Alexander  | Blond Bohemian Model: Greg Finck for Rime Arodaky |  Brunette bride: Jana Williams | Blond bride: Michelle Beller

TEAM Spotlight / Primary Hair and Makeup Stylist Chelsea

By |2017-11-22T21:55:45-07:00November 22nd, 2017|Spotlight|

TEAM Hair and Makeup stylist Chelsea

In a sea of hair and makeup stylists, few have the talent in both hair and makeup that TEAM’s Primary Stylist Chelsea exudes.  A straight shooter, fun and easy going, she’s also our most frequent traveling artist. Read on to find out what her advice would be for her 13 year old self, the value of loving our adult selves, and what she craves in her down time…

TEAM title: Bridal Hair and Makeup Artist 
1. What do you like best about the age you are now? I like that I’ve stopped caring about other people’s opinions about me. In middle and high school my identity was heavily influenced by what other people thought- I feel much more at home in my own skin and confident as I get older. 
TEAM Hair and Makeup stylist Chelsea
2. What advice do you wish you could give your 13 year old self? Nothing that feels like a big deal right now is actually a big deal at all. 
3. What is the most exciting thing about your work industry? I love that beauty is extremely conceptual and variable. I love talking to people, and it’s very cliche for a stylist to say this , however, I love making people feel good about themselves. We’re currently a very sensitive community and constantly comparing ourselves to other people – especially with our cultural addiction to social media – I like making people feel in love with who they already are. 
TEAM Hair and Makeup stylist Chelsea
4. Your favorite on-site wedding location is… I love Napa Valley + Santa Barbara for the beautiful, lush landscapes 
5. When you’re not working, you love to do…the most. cook, read, write, travel, call my grandmother & hang out with my love + 2 cats
TEAM Hair and Makeup stylist Chelsea
6. Go-to song/TV show/movie… Song: Bring it on Home to Me – Sam Cooke | TV show: The Pizza Show on Viceland | Movie : Thelma and Louise 
7. If you could work on any wedding anywhere in the world, what would it be? Sicily + the South of France
Thank you so much, Chelsea…We love having you as part of our TEAM! Follow along on our  TEAM Instagram and on Chelsea’s Instagram for more inspiring peeks!

TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Makeup Educator Marla N.

By |2017-08-30T13:14:07-06:00August 30th, 2017|Featured, Makeup, Spotlight|

TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Makeup Educator Marla N.

Welcome to round two of our TEAM Spotlight series (see Kita’s here!), showcasing our Primary Stylists who, if you don’t already know them, you’ll love as much as we do! As one of TEAM’s Primary Stylists, Marla is also our Makeup Educator. And for good reason. She knows makeup. Better yet, Marla’s finely skilled artistry masterfully tunes into each bride’s and model’s unique natural beauty. The results are nothing short of transformative and beautifully inspiring. Today Marla shares her favorite on-site wedding location and her go-to when she’s not working…

TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Makeup Educator Marla N.

What do you like best about the age you are now?
At 25, I like that I am young but old enough that people take me more seriously.


TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Makeup Educator Marla N.

What advice do you wish you could give your 13 year old self?
Stay true to your passions and interests even when people in your life try to steer you away. Listen to your heart.

TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Makeup Educator Marla N.

What is the most exciting thing about your work industry?
Being able to travel to new and beautiful places. As well as getting to meet new people and share their most special day with them.

TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Makeup Educator Marla N.

Your favorite on-site wedding location is…
Malibu Rocky Oaks


TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Makeup Educator Marla N.

When you’re not working, you love to do…the most.
Go on adventures with my husband and daughter.

TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Makeup Educator Marla N.

Go-to song/TV show/movie…
I don’t have just one song, show, or movie that is my go-to. I love all forms and kinds. One of my favorite things to do is watch YouTube. Here I can watch all my favorite shows, listen to music, and learn all kinds of new things. Youtube Is my go-to because there is a vast array of content and I can access it on my own time.
If you could work on any wedding anywhere in the world, what would it be?
This is such a hard question because there are so many places in the world I would love to visit. If I were to come up with a top 3 (in no particular order) it would be: France, Japan, England. These are 3 countries I haven’t been to that are on my bucket list.
Thanks, Marla!
[photo credits (from top): Lacie Hansen / Michael Radford / Marla / Anne Barge / Greg Finck / Marla / Laurie Bailey]



TEAM Spotlight / Primary Stylist and Hair Educator Kita M.

By |2017-07-22T11:13:21-06:00July 20th, 2017|Spotlight|

TEAM Primary Hair Stylist and Hair Educator

Welcome to our TEAM Spotlight series, friends! Here’s the scoop: Each month, we’ll be featuring one of our amazing Primary Stylists and showcasing their beautiful and remarkably skilled hair or makeup artistry, respectively. We’ll begin with Kita, one of TEAM’s Primary Hair Stylists, as well as our Hair Educator. With her creative drive and keen eye (and quick wit!), Kita has been invaluable in her work styling brides and runway models, alike. Here she talks about her dream wedding destination and what she would tell her 13 year old self…


Flutter Mag Editor's Santa Ynez butterfly wedding

What do you like best about the age you are now?
I have perspective and a little wisdom; I am comfortable with myself.  It hasn’t always been fair or easy but I am a survivor and I am proud of that. At this point it’s much easier to see it this way than it would have been 10 years ago.
Makeup's spotlight on Style Me Pretty
What advice do you wish you could give your 13 year old self?
Okay… this is a hard one because I would like to give my 13 year old self a lot of advice and maybe even a smack on the back of the head…. In all seriousness though I think I would tell myself: “Buy a lot of stock in Apple, Amazon and Google.”
What is the most exciting thing about your work industry?
I love my industry for so many reasons – we meet so many awesome and dynamic people! One thing  I especially enjoy is working in new places and crossing paths with people I may not have otherwise.  Not to mention that being part of someone’s wedding day and helping to create a lasting memory for  them is an enormous honor – I bear this in mind and it keeps me humble and thankful.        
bridal hairstyle
Your favorite on-site wedding location is…
OKAY — loaded question! Everywhere we go is beautiful but personally I am partial to places with natural and historic character and beauty.
bridal hairstyle
When you’re not working, you love to do…the most.
Be with my family.
anne barge fashion week - bridal hairstyles
Go-to song/TV show/movie…
Go to song: These days is, “Got Me Wrong” by Alice in Chains…. or anything 90s really. Though sometimes I am really into “Careless Whisper” by George Michael
Go to TV show: Arrested Development or Forensic Files
Go to movie: Death Becomes Her or Point Break
happy bride
If you could work on any wedding anywhere in the world, what would it be?
Ireland or Scotland
bridal photography
Thanks so much, Kita! We love your wonderful work ethic and your always spot-on sense of humor!
xoxo TEAM
[photo credits: 1/ 2 / 3 / 4 / 5/ 6 /7 /8 /9 ]

Style Me Pretty spotlights TEAM Hair and Makeup

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Style Me Pretty spotlights TEAM Hair and Makeup in their featured Vendor Guide and Portfolios

We are beyond thrilled to be in the spotlight on Style Me Pretty as their featured hair and makeup artist vendor. Choosing just the right team to help create and enhance your most meaningful life celebrations is huge. We get that. Style Me Pretty gets it, too. Which is why their sparkly new Vendor Guide + Portfolios is a game-changer. We here at TEAM are honored to be a part of the fete.

And could we ask for a more gracious + honeyed testimony from the founder of Style Me Pretty herself? Swoon…

“There are few things that I could say about Mar Romero and her TEAM that haven’t already been said. She is loved. She is respected. She is pure and honest talent. But she’s also so much more. Mar Romero works from her soul. She pushes herself to be better every single day, she questions the norm, knowing that she can always make something or someone more beautiful than they ever hoped. She cultivates her artistry with the kind of thoughtful care that you only get to see in those who are truly doing what they love.” –Abby Larson, Founder of Style Me Pretty

Check out our Little Black Book Portfolio for tons of beauty inspiration + view the full feature on Style Me Pretty!


The Best and Most Beautiful Real Weddings of 2016 / Style Me Pretty Spotlight

By |2016-12-14T13:30:12-07:00December 14th, 2016|Featured, Featured Press, Real Wedding, Spotlight|

Makeup's spotlight on Style Me Pretty

Imagine the heart flutters to be in on the party, named one of The Best + Most Beautiful Real Weddings of 2016 on Style Me Pretty. Okay now imagine being featured for hair and makeup not once, but FOUR times, on that list. Yep. We’re pretty elated over here. Want to see which brides made the cut? Well you’re in luck. Without further adieu…

Makeup's spotlight on Style Me Pretty

Makeup's spotlight on Style Me Pretty

Makeup's spotlight on Style Me Pretty

And, while you’re here, scroll through this blog for all of our Best of and Featured Spotlights of 2016. They’ll make your heart flip, we promise…

See all of the beautiful weddings featured over on Style Me Pretty!

Photography credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Spotlight: Jose Villa Mexico Workshop Images by Anne Roberts

By |2012-01-12T15:33:39-07:00January 12th, 2012|Spotlight|

Jan 11th

Jose Villa Workshop

I’m still amazed at how perfect this experience was.  I fell in love with so many wonderful people. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  xo


Jose Villa Workshops

Abby of Style me Pretty

Jill La Fleur

Joel Serrato Films

Brian of Richard Photo Lab

Jim Cagel, Accountant

Location- Hacienda El Carmen

Hair and Makeup – Mar of Team Hair and Makeup

Floral Design – Kate of Flower Wild Design

Paper Goods Design – Amber Moon

Calligraphy – Mara, Neither Snow

Cake – Erica O’brien

Wedding Gowns – Claire Pettibone

Hair Pieces – Mignonne

Engagement Session Gowns – Everly

Spotlight: Belegenza Extraordinary Hair Care

By |2010-11-22T09:46:38-07:00November 22nd, 2010|Spotlight|

Today we wanted to do a little post on Belegenza hair care. We recently met Alan, the owner of belagenza at our premiere party for wedding day makeover. They provded awesome samples for our swag bags & when i finally got a chance to try their products for myself i fell in love! Belegenza is committed to providing natural, eco-friendly, and effective products. What makes this line different?  Belegenza provides 8% – 33% active ingredients in a base of natural juices.  Most products contain  3% – 5% active ingredients.  They have developed a patent-pending formula that actually penetrates deep into the hair shaft as opposed to coating the hair with chemicals. The conditioning and cleansing agents are a unique combination of the fruits of the earth and sea and silk proteins to provide condition, shine and performance never before possible.

Belegenza products are all free from silicone and its derivaties, paba, parabens, phthalate, petrolatum, mineral oil, SD alcohol, sodium chloride and sodium lauryl sulfates.  With natural ingredients like aloe, seaweed, honey, lemon, beet, coconut, green tea, nettle, and rosemary this is definitely a product must have! And the best part about it is, it works!

Spotlight: Twigs and Honey

By |2010-08-13T08:30:33-06:00August 13th, 2010|Spotlight|

We are in love with Twigs and Honey’s beautiful creations, and we were so excited when we heard they launched their new collection a few weeks ago, and even more excited when we found out  that  they also launched their new online store!  Myra’s most recent collection of handmade headpieces, birdcages, necklaces and beautiful accessories were inspired by vintage styles and  her recent trip to France. Beautiful and unusual headpieces add such a great personal element, and are perfect accessory to complete your entire wedding day look. Plus they are so fun to wear! Check out some pieces from the new collection

Bel Air Bridal Campaign Featured in Flutter Magazine with KT Merry!

By |2016-01-06T12:28:50-07:00January 6th, 2016|Featured|



Glitter and lace and tulle…oh my! When it comes to topping off your bridal style, it’s these intricate embellishments that add a glimmering array of pretty to any ensemble.

From glittering tiaras to romantic combs, sparkling hair sticks to veils, jewelry and belts, how does one choose? We sat down with Bel Aire Bridal’s creative team to get the skinny on everything from selecting the perfect accessories, to style tips, design concepts, the current trends and more to create a memorable bridal look that is unique to you.

Bel Aire Bridal Wedding AccessoriesBel Aire Bridal Wedding AccessoriesBel Aire Bridal Wedding Accessories

What is Bel Aire Bridal most known for?
Bel Aire Bridal is known for its wide diversity of styles and offerings for every bride. We love that brides can turn to us and find whatever they are looking for: from headpieces to bridal belts to stunning cathedral veils! We also offer products at a variety of price points and have partnered with some of the best bridal stores in the country.

What type of bride would you say your designs appeal to?
We design our pieces with all brides in mind. We take into account different types of wedding styles, such as glamorous, classic, vintage, destination, romantic, and trendy. We want all girls to be Bel Aire Brides, so we design our collections with a wide variety of styles for a wide variety of personalities.

Can you tell us a little about your most recent collections?
Our Fall 2015 collection incorporates warm gold tones, plush florals, glittering headbands, and feminine combs. This collection is all about romance, with an extra touch of sparkle! Our new collection for Spring 2016 will incorporate trendy opal designs and new floral pieces.

What gown designers inspire you?
There are so many! We are constantly exploring social sites like Pinterest and Instagram to find new bridal inspiration. We love looking at gowns from independent designers like Samuelle Couture & Leanne Marshall that incorporate soft organic fabrics. We also look to high-end couturiers such as Vera Wang & Monique Lhuillier for the latest trends, and designs from Maggie Sottero & Allure Bridals for our traditional bride. We gather inspiration from across the board so we can create styles that every bride can relate to. Whether she is wearing a vintage gown, a custom-made-gown designed specifically for her, or a trendy new design, we strive to offer gorgeous accent pieces for her look.

Bel Aire Bridal Wedding Accessories

What gowns do you find complement your accessories best?
Our accessories can be paired with almost any gown. We produce glittering belts to jazz up simple dresses, intricately beaded veils to frame the most opulent ensembles, and luxurious lace edge veils to match romantic styles. Gorgeous metallic or floral headpieces top off the whole look. Our designs wonderfully complement everything from satin sheaths to extravagant tulle ball gowns.

Does a bride have to choose between wearing a headpiece and a veil?
It’s her special day—why not wear both? Brides can try multiple veil lengths for different looks. A flowing cathedral is stunning for the ceremony and photos, while a shorter length is fun for party time! Headpieces are so pretty and can add a sweet accent or over-the-top sparkle—the choice is hers. The wedding dress will look extra beautiful, but the veil and accessories will make her feel like a bride!

Bel Aire Bridal Wedding TiaraBel Aire Bridal Wedding HairpieceBel Aire Bridal Wedding Veils

How can a bride know what type of veil will go best with her gown?
Cathedral veils look best with A-line gowns and ball gowns; fingertip veils complement fit-and-flare styles. A cute blusher or French net veil works great with an elegant sheath or tea length gown, and an elbow veil nicely balances the full skirt of a ball gown. Try different styles to find one you love! Your veil finishes off your whole look with unique style and makes you really feel like a bride.

Do you have a favorite design?
We can’t pick just one! I think a favorite trend of ours this season is our styles that incorporate gold. Gold is so hot right now and it transitions beautifully into the fall months. We have such a variety of styles in gold: pins, halos, metallic lace-lined veils, and flower combs. Halos have been trending, too, as these gorgeous designs look picture-perfect from every angle.

2015 is quickly winding down. What trends are you hoping will stick around?
Color! We have had so much fun incorporating color into our collection this past year. Blush and champagne are definitely at the top of the list! We are excited to see if other color trends will stick around into the new year. We love statement colors: they are perfect for the trendy bride and look equally beautiful on bridesmaids.

Bel Aire Bridal Lace Wedding VeilsBel Aire Bridal Wedding AccessoriesBel Aire Bridal Wedding Accessories

How can a bride incorporate a bridal headpiece into a non-wedding related look?
Lots of brides share pictures of themselves wearing their wedding day hair accessories on their honeymoons and anniversaries. It’s a very personal detail, so many brides like to wear them again on other big life occasions. Sparkly headbands, sweet floral combs, and delicate clips look just as amazing with ready-to-wear dresses as they do with a wedding gown. Some of our designs are flexible and can be worn or styled in different ways, so a former bride can renew her look for every special event.

What about pieces for bridesmaids to wear—any suggestions?
We love coordinating pieces that tie together the whole bridal party. Many of our designs are offered in a variety of styles so brides can mix and match. For example, our glittering rhinestone half halo can be paired with its matching rhinestone floral pins. These create a cohesive style that looks great in photos (especially if the bridesmaids are wearing different gowns).

What fabrics are your favorites to work with?
We love lace! Chantilly, Alençon, Venise—there are so many great laces to work with! The best part about lace is that it is truly timeless. It is always fun to see which types of lace stand out each year. We are all about soft, dimensional lace right now, but next season could be something totally different! Lace is classically bridal; we love that this trend continues to reinvent itself season after season.

Bel Aire Bridal Wedding VeilsBel Aire Bridal Wedding Rhinestone Belt

We love the new floral halo trend but worry that the flowers won’t make it past “I do” – what ideas do you have on incorporating this fun look without the flowers wilting?
We love the floral trend, too! For the ceremony and portraits, a great way to add flowers is by simply attaching fresh flowers to a headpiece. Once the flowers have begun to wilt, you can remove them and still have something pretty and sparkly in your hair as you party the night away! Alternately, we offer a beautiful sparkling pearl and rhinestone garland (style 6574) that can be woven throughout the hair. Another romantic option is to wear a beautiful silk flower garland that will not wither. Whatever you choose, be sure to do a trial run with your hairstylist before the big day!

What accessory trends are you forecasting for spring 2016?
Florals–everyone is crushing on florals right now! We think this will still be popular in 2016. Romantic styles with 3-dimensional flowers, silver and gold floral lace, embroidered tulle, soft Chantilly lace, and stone-washed shades like warm gold/copper flourish with artistic details like opal crystals.

How can brides buy Bel Aire Bridal accessories?
Bel Aire Bridal is sold in authorized bridal salons throughout the United States. Check out our store locator page on the official website to find a retailer in your area. Our stores often host trunk shows, so be sure to watch our events page for local shows.

Bel Aire Bridal Wedding Accessories

As seen in Flutter Magazine Issue No. 8.

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